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Up, up and away!

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James was up and made a full lap around the SICU with his Dad!!!

While they were walking I saw his endocrinologist, Dr. Yu, in the waiting room. She was beaming with a smile ear to ear! She came in the waiting room and gave me a big hug, she couldn’t be more pleased with how things went and how he is doing today. Dr. Yu is traditionally extremely cautious about all things, it was quite amazing to see how pleased she was with the outcome.




It hurts so good…

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Thumbs up for the morning after surgery!!

20121116-113450.jpgHow good does this kid look?

His pain is managed, he’s sitting up in a chair and EATING! He is currently working on some eggs, bacon and toast.

20121116-113526.jpgNot quite a Dunk’s breakfast sandwich, but not bad for less than 24 hours out of surgery, eh?

Kareem, the anesthesiologist, came by and told his nurse that she has the easiest patient on the floor. He also mentioned that James was a great case and is very pleased with how things went yesterday! His nurse, Diana, had him up in the chair at 5am. Last night she had him listening to some tunes to help him focus on relaxing.

Dr. Wain told him this morning that he got everything he felt or saw, he didn’t believe there had been any further spread, and confirmed that only 15 of the 30 nodules removed were pheo related. They got everything there was to get!

Happy Friday!!!!


SICU peak

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We were able to go in and see James for a quick minute tonight. He looks great and his vitals are all on target. (Soooo gooodddd!!!!)

I am incredibly grateful for this outcome and all of your support. The road to recovery will be long and tough, but it is so much easier knowing the bad stuff is out. I can’t wait for him to really wake up and process the magnitude of what he went through. It was worth not sleeping all week, and dare I say getting delayed on Tuesday?

It may only be seconds after seeing him say “yeasssssss!” in response to the “they got it all” news, but I feel like I can stop holding my breath a little bit.



News!!!!!!! News!!!!! 8:20PM EST

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He’s waking up from surgery now!

Dr. Wain removed 30 nodules total. He believes the majority of the nodules removed to be tumors, but not all. He did not do a lobectomy. (Good news!)

I believe that Dr. Wain got everything he planned on and then everything he felt or saw beyond that.

The good news is that when James asks of they got it all, we can say yes!!!

Thank you for the prayers. I know that James’ spirits were lifted from all of the support he received. Tuesday was a very dark day thinking about what to do if that nodules in question had gone the other way.

Once again, he’s the luckiest unlucky kid I know.

We are headed up to the SICU now!


8:00PM EST Update

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We should hear something here shortly; word is they are finishing things up.


4:38PM EST

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Just got word that he went into the Operating Room at 3:45pm and the incision happened at 4:02pm.

Operating room time is estimated at 4.5 hours so we should hopefully hear something around 8:15pm.

The surgical nurse called and said he is doing fine. The doctors redid his epidural and another quick bronchialscopy.

I’ll post again when we hear more.



4:15 PM EST

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Still hasn’t started.


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