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Runneth over…

Thank you for the continued support, positive thoughts, good energy, prayers, private messages and birthday wishes. They have made this journey bearable and my heart feel whole while it was hurting.

I have this theory about God, I like to think of us as old friends with a running dialogue and common understanding. I may not go to his house every Sunday for dinner, but it doesn’t mean we’re not close. He’s the kind of friend I can ask “why do I have four jars of pickles in the back of my fridge”, but also the big stuff, like “what was the meaning of ‘Bennifer'”? A lot of times he’s not really forth coming with his answers, but there usually is one. Coincidentally, this is very similar to how I feel about Jimi’s answers to things…

My point in all of this is to say, nothing really tests friendship the way having to deal with scary news and hospital stays does. We all process and react to big things in our own way, but friends show up in some way regardless.


Jimi received the Body of Christ (communion) this morning. Seconds later he was able to move all the things that have been blocked in his system for the past week. It’s a funny thing, ya know… to pray for poop. What it means is that his system is recovering by working the way it’s suppose to, and that my friends, is the best miracle.

We might just get to bring him home today, we are waiting to see Dr. Yu.

Peace be with you,


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