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I wasn’t at the human hospital this morning to give you all the 4th day of recovery deets. Instead, I was at the animal hospital with our puppy, Ezzie.

20121119-183355.jpg Friday night when I got home from the hospital I sat on the floor to have some puppy snuggle time. Until I felt a pea sized lump on her belly and freaked the funk out.

20121119-192938.jpg Miss Ezzie is none the wiser. She made the rounds at the vet, and I would wager she met just about every employee there. They came out of offices and from behind desks to scratch her floppy ears.

20121119-193905.jpg She gets her aura from Jimi. Luckily, she is perfectly healthy and the lady lump was just a fatty cyst.

20121119-185731.jpg She is now home resting from her puppy kisses to the face tour. All that tail wagging made for a good snooze, while she waited for her favorite Uncle Stretch and Auntie Paula to come take her for her dinner walk.

20121119-191643.jpg I am at the hospital with Jimi, where he is only hooked up to a heart and O2 monitor – nothing else! There has been some preliminary mention of a potential freedom ride date of tomorrow. He did get a little too brave with the pain and skip a dose of pain meds, that set him back a few hours. He is resting now, between his new roommates wife’s commentary.

We shall see, we shall see… But all is well in this moment!

(Above was taken yesterday!)



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  1. Kate….I want you to know that the effort you have put into this Blog has been a comfort to everyone that knows Jay (Jimi), I’m sure. I’m so happy to be able to read about his progress and recovery. Praying every day!


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