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Couple tubes, no tubes…

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20121118-165744.jpgAll of his tubes are out, all that’s left is the main line and oxygen. He is now getting into the chicken pot pie delivered by the Sullivan’s (thank you!). He just freaked out that I took a bite and was going to finish it all before he had anymore. Guess he’s feeling more like himself!

He finally agreed to a bath so that we could both stop gagging when we got a whiff of his post surgery scent. I’m a little concerned about leaving him alone with all of the nurses now that he’s bathed and fragrant with the Old Spice. One of the nurses on the floor let it slip that they all fight over having him as their patient each shift, and that they are all “in love with him”. You can bet he won’t be letting us all forget what a hit he was with the ladies up here on the 19th floor.

Before I knew all these girls were on the prowl, I decided to stay over. Jimi had a pretty rough day yesterday with pain management after getting behind in the night. We decided to have a slumber party while our awesome friends, Tom and Heather, stayed with Ezzie (thank you!). Jimi slept in the recliner (his choice!) and I slept in the bed. This morning at a rather early hour I had a pretty awkward run in with the chest x-ray team when they thought I was a one “Mr. James Quigley”- ha!

20121118-185353.jpg 4th lap of the day!


(Thank you for the birthday well wishes, was quite a good day!)


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