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Less than 24 hours…

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And he is already out of the SICU!


We moved back to the Thoracic Floor in Ellison at 5:30 tonight. James is rather wiped out from his walk around the SICU and move back to the bed for transport. He’s had a few Italian ices and is ready to rest.

While they were transporting him from the SICU up to the 19th, I ran into his oncologist, Dr. Faris. He had just come from seeing James and shared the same enthusiasm as Dr. Yu had about the success of surgery. He referred to James as a “resilient fighter” three times in our brief conversation.

Up on the 19th floor, Nurse Laura told us that the SICU nurses were all sad to see him go. Apparently, his chart has all kinds of notes about how “great” and “awesome” he is as a patient. Of course, you’re all probably shocked by that.

He is doing really great considering what he has been through. He looks forward to seeing everyone when he comes home from the hospital. Visitors will be encouraged to come spend some time with him at our new place as soon as he’s home!



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