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He’s out of surgery…

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The good news is that James is out of surgery, awake and enjoying his “delectable treat” Italian ice.


James went down for surgery, had an epidural and went through all of the necessary preparations. The surgeons started with a bronchialscopy (video tube in the lungs). They found a small mass not previously indicated on any of the scans. The doctors have ordered a biopsy and delayed surgery in order to await the results. He was not cut today,

The biopsy results take about 24 hours. What this means is that due to the location of the node resection will change the game plan if it is pheo related. Surgery is still happening; they are still able to get the nodes. However, there is a (significant) chance he may lose one of his lungs.

He has been rescheduled for Friday, with the chance surgery will take place before that. Until then, we will be here at the hospital, saying our prayers.



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  1. and we’ll all be praying with you

  2. Our love and prayers are with you


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