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Word puzzle, anyone?

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The graphic title of this post is for anyone that might be a fan of word puzzles…

There is some exciting news to share if you can figure it out…

or you can scroll on down for the answer below

 … scroll down…

… keep going…

It is with great pleasure that I am able to share this news. I am very excited and hopeful for what the future holds. Puzzle answer:

I’m going under the knife. 

I’ll be admitted to MGH on this Saturday (11/10/12) and I’ll be diced on Tuesday (11/13/12).  The hope all along was that I would be eligible to have the remaining tumors removed.  The key factors in whether or not another surgery would be a viable option were: how fast are these tumors growing, and are they popping up anywhere else.  The general consensus among my medical team was: let’s not do another major surgery unless we have reasonable suspicion that nothing new will pop up any time in the near future.  Otherwise, what do we gain by enduring all the trauma of another surgery, only to have more tumors and possible other treatments on the horizon.

Over the last year, scans have shown that the tumors on my lungs are in fact indolent, and equally as important, no new tumors have appeared elsewhere.  Though there’s been an onslaught of scanxiety preceding each scan over the last year, it has been followed by a feeling of elation with each, “stable” radiology report.  I can only describe it as what I would imagine winning the lottery must be like, except better.  With each report that showed stability, it was another win, and another step closer to the possibility of surgery.

Without getting into too much detail about the surgery itself, I will essentially be cut in half from under my arm pit, under my pecks, to the other arm pit (there probably will not be any breaking of ribs).  Once inside Dr. Wain will remove all the tumors (12+ of them) using a wedge resection technique.  None of that really matters though.  Whatever the team has to do is what they have to do.  I will get through the surgery, deal with the recovery, and be healthy again.  Wouldn’t a date with NED (no evidence of disease) be the best kickoff to the holiday season?  I think it would be the best way I could thank all of  you for your continued love and support; there certainly aren’t words to say it adequately.

I really don’t know why I’ve been given the chance to fight this disease like I have, but I am so grateful for the opportunity.  Hopefully the next post I write will be about what it’s like to meet NED.



I’ll be out of work for somewhere in the neighborhood of two months.  While I look forward to having visitors, it’ll probably be a few days before I’m ready.  Updates on how surgery went will be made through this site, and either Kathryn or I will let people know when I’m ready for visitors. 

THANK YOU for all your support!!!


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  1. Dave & I are ready for the great news that all is well and you are up and ready to party…all our love, good thoughts, and well wishes are with you as you take another chapter in getting your body up and running like new..You have amazing strength and I have no doubt your recovery will be quick…You are very special to the both of us. Sending hugs and kisses…Love you
    Dave & Eve


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