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As I try to write this update I seem to be experiencing writer’s block.  I know that’s not a valid excuse as to why I haven’t written in five (or whatever it has been) months, but most normal people (sorry for this, Jeff) don’t write a blog; and I’m certainly pleased to report that I have been living life much the same as any healthy person would.  Since my last update I’ve had my six month post op scans, and the results were the same as my three months scans–my disease is still stable.  There has been no growth or spread.  Once again, the scanxiety (anxiety during the days before a scan), was all for not.  I’m tempted to write more on scanxiety, but perhaps it deserves it’s own chapter in a book.  In addition to the six month scans, I’ve had the regularly scheduled appointments with my oncologist as well as endocrinologists.  I could spend some time telling you all about the details of these appointments, my recent medication changes, and a few blood pressure and heart rate issues, but then again, maybe that could be another chapter. 

As many of you may know I recently celebrated my 28th birthday.  Last year on my birthday I woke up to learn that Bin Laden was no longer a threat to humanity; this year, a family friend who had been very sick came home from the hospital.  How could next years birthday possibly top the last two, I thought to myself?  Well, that remains to be seen, but I’ve never been more hopeful throughout this whole ordeal.  This past Monday I met John Wain.  No, that’s not a typo on the last name.  Dr. Wain is the thoracic surgeon that is confident he can remove the remaining 12 or so nodules from my lungs.  Yes, next year, I’m hoping to celebrate my birthday as a survivor with no known disease.  No doctor will throw around the c word (cure) because the literature on my disease is so sparse and as far as anyone knows it always comes back, but maybe I’ll get to change that.  In any event, when this next surgery is over, and if it’s a success, I’ll have come so incredibly far from that day in the hospital when I was told I have a cancer for which there is no cure, and that the metastatic disease in my lungs was inoperable.  All I could think was, “I don’t wanna die yet”.

I’ll post more on the surgery later, for now I just wanted you all to know that your prayers and thoughts and whatever else you all have been doing, seems to be working, so thank you again! 

PS if you have sent me a card or donated and still haven’t received a thank you and wrist band, I haven’t forgotten.  They are all sealed and waiting for stamps.  Like a said, I’ve been living a normal life.  Who likes going to the post office?


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  1. Jay It was a pleasure to read this post. I am so happy to hear the good news!!! You and your family deserve the best. You are such a well respected young man and deserve only the best. Maybe this time next year, you will be enjoying our new president…… Hopefully Love you and hope you enjoy a long healthy life…
    Rose, Rich and the girls

  2. That’s the best new yet! Has the surgery been scheduled? Let me know if you need anything!! 🙂

  3. I never claimed to be normal, Jim. And, frankly, the fact that you’re healthy enough to take shots at me makes me happy. Now go fly a gd kite.


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