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An email from the transplant floor…

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September 1, 2011 at 5:15pm

He is getting settled in his new room. He’s very sad that he didn’t get to go back to his suite now that he knows he has a roommate… one that has been yakking on the phone since we arrived in here. (Picture Jimi rolling his eyes and making the “gimme a break” face)

He is on the transplant floor as his surgeon is a transplant specialist. This floor is very serious, visiting restrictions are enforced. Only a couple people at a time, quiet voices, short stays. (And no flowers, plants, fruit or small kids like I said before)

Jimi would like you all to enjoy your weekend plans, especially Sul. Hopes you will all drink a beer (or several) for him. He’s sorry he can’t make it, but he’s a little busy 🙂 C, he can’t decide if he wants steak or chicken at the wedding.  I said I’d put down one of each and we could share. His response was that he “may have a new appetite for life” and I should plan on bringing my own dinner. He best be joking. I guess they made room for more food in his belly!

The oncologist came by to see him and was impressed and amazed with his progress today. No news, as the tumor is still being typed and other information gathered. 

Jimi is quietly snoozing now. Never thought I’d be so grateful to hear him snoring!

I’ll keep you posted on any progress and when he is able to see/handle more visitors.

Carpe diem,


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