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An email from the SICU waiting room…

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August 31, 2011 at 10:34pm

I forgot to tell you all that when I went in to see him his first words were “did he get it all?” …yes, yes he did.

He’s in ICU for the night and his blood pressure is 136/76 without any drugs keeping it that low, which is a wonderful sign. He’s pretty drugged up right now, but he was able to articulate he was pissed about not being able to eat for almost 24 hours. He did say he feels like he got beat up with a bat today, but all things considered he is doing well. He also told me I was a “slave driver” feeding him ice chips and that he was sick of the ice and wanted real food.”mashed potatoes?” “No real food”

The icu nurse already commented on what a stud he is. She said that when she thought I was his sister -had to tell her “pump ya’brakes”!!!

I’m home now, but after some rest I will head back over tomorrow and update with any news. I still don’t know if the surgeon saved or took the full kidney. As long as he got the tumor then that’s all that matters though.

Suppose we can all thank Jimi for the glute workout today. I’m glad I can finally relax a little.



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