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An email from the hospital room…

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August 30, 2011 at 8:00pm

Surgery is set for now (yay!!!), looking at about 11am, he will leave the room around 10am if you want to call or text last minute well wishes.  🙂

Dr. C, his surgeon was here again this evening and has informed us that this is not the first tumor of the kind he has removed, nor of this size. Dr. C has requested a kidney transplant specialist be part of the team, as well. There is still a minimal chance that when they biopsy the small node and big tumor that both could in fact be benign. It is not absolutely certain until they can do tests. Obviously, if you can all say prayers tonight we would be eternally grateful. I would like to say that at this juncture that hope is slim, but any glimmer of hope is still hope we can cling to.

We have been successful in keeping today calm and relaxing for him and thank you for respecting my minimum visitors request.

Typical Jimi America, all of the Doctors feel he has been a “wonderful patient and always felt happy coming into the room…” (“ya’know cause’ah my aura” – Jimi) Nurse Jenna came to hang out with us after her shift ended at 7 and teared up upon departure. Jeffy, although she does have a boyfriend she will be monitoring progress via her connections and coming to visit him this weekend.

Thank you all again for your love and support.  Jimi wants everyone to know it is beyond appreciated and he can’t feel more lucky to have such wonderful friends.

We are enjoying the sunset and winding down with Seinfeld reruns. Jimi is excited about tomorrow and we look forward to being able to celebrate his recovery.

Love to you all,


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