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The James Quigley Fund

Welcome! The James Quigley Fund site has been setup to create a place for medical updates, positive thoughts and most importantly  to support James in his fight against malignant pheochromocytoma. You can scroll down on this page to follow his journey.



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So happy to be back together both Ezzie and Jimi are passed out from all the excitement.


Freedom ride!!!

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We are at CVS getting his script filled!!!

Best day ever?


My cup…

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Runneth over…

Thank you for the continued support, positive thoughts, good energy, prayers, private messages and birthday wishes. They have made this journey bearable and my heart feel whole while it was hurting.

I have this theory about God, I like to think of us as old friends with a running dialogue and common understanding. I may not go to his house every Sunday for dinner, but it doesn’t mean we’re not close. He’s the kind of friend I can ask “why do I have four jars of pickles in the back of my fridge”, but also the big stuff, like “what was the meaning of ‘Bennifer'”? A lot of times he’s not really forth coming with his answers, but there usually is one. Coincidentally, this is very similar to how I feel about Jimi’s answers to things…

My point in all of this is to say, nothing really tests friendship the way having to deal with scary news and hospital stays does. We all process and react to big things in our own way, but friends show up in some way regardless.


Jimi received the Body of Christ (communion) this morning. Seconds later he was able to move all the things that have been blocked in his system for the past week. It’s a funny thing, ya know… to pray for poop. What it means is that his system is recovering by working the way it’s suppose to, and that my friends, is the best miracle.

We might just get to bring him home today, we are waiting to see Dr. Yu.

Peace be with you,

Where we’re at…

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I wasn’t at the human hospital this morning to give you all the 4th day of recovery deets. Instead, I was at the animal hospital with our puppy, Ezzie.

20121119-183355.jpg Friday night when I got home from the hospital I sat on the floor to have some puppy snuggle time. Until I felt a pea sized lump on her belly and freaked the funk out.

20121119-192938.jpg Miss Ezzie is none the wiser. She made the rounds at the vet, and I would wager she met just about every employee there. They came out of offices and from behind desks to scratch her floppy ears.

20121119-193905.jpg She gets her aura from Jimi. Luckily, she is perfectly healthy and the lady lump was just a fatty cyst.

20121119-185731.jpg She is now home resting from her puppy kisses to the face tour. All that tail wagging made for a good snooze, while she waited for her favorite Uncle Stretch and Auntie Paula to come take her for her dinner walk.

20121119-191643.jpg I am at the hospital with Jimi, where he is only hooked up to a heart and O2 monitor – nothing else! There has been some preliminary mention of a potential freedom ride date of tomorrow. He did get a little too brave with the pain and skip a dose of pain meds, that set him back a few hours. He is resting now, between his new roommates wife’s commentary.

We shall see, we shall see… But all is well in this moment!

(Above was taken yesterday!)


Couple tubes, no tubes…

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20121118-165744.jpgAll of his tubes are out, all that’s left is the main line and oxygen. He is now getting into the chicken pot pie delivered by the Sullivan’s (thank you!). He just freaked out that I took a bite and was going to finish it all before he had anymore. Guess he’s feeling more like himself!

He finally agreed to a bath so that we could both stop gagging when we got a whiff of his post surgery scent. I’m a little concerned about leaving him alone with all of the nurses now that he’s bathed and fragrant with the Old Spice. One of the nurses on the floor let it slip that they all fight over having him as their patient each shift, and that they are all “in love with him”. You can bet he won’t be letting us all forget what a hit he was with the ladies up here on the 19th floor.

Before I knew all these girls were on the prowl, I decided to stay over. Jimi had a pretty rough day yesterday with pain management after getting behind in the night. We decided to have a slumber party while our awesome friends, Tom and Heather, stayed with Ezzie (thank you!). Jimi slept in the recliner (his choice!) and I slept in the bed. This morning at a rather early hour I had a pretty awkward run in with the chest x-ray team when they thought I was a one “Mr. James Quigley”- ha!

20121118-185353.jpg 4th lap of the day!


(Thank you for the birthday well wishes, was quite a good day!)


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Is no walk in the park. James has had two of the four chest tubes removed and made a lap around the unit, but he is definitely feeling the burn. Typical of surgery patients the days following can be up and down, and this one is no different.

Per usual, he is still meeting and exceeding expectations.

Less than 24 hours…

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And he is already out of the SICU!


We moved back to the Thoracic Floor in Ellison at 5:30 tonight. James is rather wiped out from his walk around the SICU and move back to the bed for transport. He’s had a few Italian ices and is ready to rest.

While they were transporting him from the SICU up to the 19th, I ran into his oncologist, Dr. Faris. He had just come from seeing James and shared the same enthusiasm as Dr. Yu had about the success of surgery. He referred to James as a “resilient fighter” three times in our brief conversation.

Up on the 19th floor, Nurse Laura told us that the SICU nurses were all sad to see him go. Apparently, his chart has all kinds of notes about how “great” and “awesome” he is as a patient. Of course, you’re all probably shocked by that.

He is doing really great considering what he has been through. He looks forward to seeing everyone when he comes home from the hospital. Visitors will be encouraged to come spend some time with him at our new place as soon as he’s home!


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